AI in Retail

Face Recognition
for Retail

AI in Retail

Focus AI identifies loyal customers as soon as they walk into the store and alerts managers and salesmen

Customer Details
on Fingertips

AI in Retail

The alerts would include customer purchase history, buying patterns along with their preferences

Personalized Discounts
and Offers

AI in Retail

You would be able to generate customer specific discounts to improve customer loyalty and retention

What Focus AI does for retail

  • Recognizes loyal customers
  • Alerts salespersons and managers
  • Lists out best discounts based on customer information
  • Enables managers to send discount notifications to customers via SMS
  • Provides access to historic information, purchase history and preferences of the customer
  • Helps sales executives to spend time with the right customers
  • Reduces human dependency and provides 360-degree customer view
AI in Retail

Focus AI Process Flow

AI in Retail


AI in Retail

Many Product SKUs

AI in Retail

Different Vendors

AI in Retail

Different Promotions

AI in Retail


Impact of Focus AI on Retail


Cost Savings


Increased productivity


Increased revenue


Predictive analytics

KPIs you can monitor with Focus AI

  • Tracking supply & Shipping info
  • Personalized marketing
  • Automated order processing & tracking
  • Customer in-store assistance
  • Eliminate overstock and OOS
  • Track customer satisfaction
  • Sending promotional offers
  • Product notifications

Faster resolution of problems


Ability to identify new revenue streams


More informed decisions


Expansion of knowledge

The Invaluability of AI for Retail

According to a recent survey in the UK, 59% of retailers are planning to invest in AI technology in 2020 to improve their efficiencies and revenue through the following means.

  • Increase in your website conversions
  • Dynamic pricing per customer and per product
  • Create location-based offers
  • Personalized product offers
  • Easy repeat purchases
  • Customer support, both instore and out of store
  • Transform your different locations into one integrated mega store
  • Better manage your product range
  • Track what is in stock and what can be OOS dynamically
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Customer support
  • Dashboard of past four weeks (P4W)
  • Demand estimation for the next 4 weeks
  • Demand optimization by product category for festivals and special occasions
  • Optimize pricing, so your margins can be improved
  • Optimize your sales force by directing them to be present at categories/aisles which are in demand
  • Use your historical data and conducting demand estimation for a new product
  • Know the potential beforehand, so you can optimize the launches
  • Conduct simulations for the effects of promotions on retail sales
  • Know the mall's daily footfall
  • Identify the tourists VS residents by month, weekdays and weekends
  • Provide advance info to various stores present in the mall and suggestions to match their promotions by consumer type


AI in Retail


  • Saves time & costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Takes over the mundane, redundant tasks
  • Can be mobile enabled
  • Scalable in terms of machines, systems and companies
AI in Retail
AI in Retail


  • Amplifies the growth of core business
  • Augments human talent
  • Ability to restructure organization
  • No bias when sifting through data (specially SM data)
  • Hiring/initial screening in recruitments can be done through AI
  • Initial marketing steps of new product launches can be automated

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