Infuse your Business Applications with an Advanced AI

Integrate all operations and modules with AI for deeper insights, projections and advanced reports

Embrace the disruptive AI and achieve a rewarding ERP integration

The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence with ERP is revolutionizing businesses across industries. Focus AI brings AI on your fingertips with its advanced ERP integration. By enabling Focus AI integration with your ERP, you can save time of your executives and users by making the ERP run repetitive yet important tasks.

The AI integration would also make your ERP smarter and infuse life in its reporting processes. Equipped with Focus AI, your ERP would have advanced BI tools that would help you sift through data, access the required information instantly and ensure data security.


Get the most out of your ERP

Automate complex processes and let Focus AI take the load. Increase ERP utilization and performance.

Voice Interface for easy access

By integrating Focus AI with your ERP, you can access data by simply talking to it. Perform tasks and manage operations through voice commands.

Instant and unstructured data

Apart from comprehensive reports, get unstructured data on your queries instantly.

Machine learning

Focus AI would continuously improve its results and performance through its machine learning capabilities.


Access the ERP on your mobile via the mobility features of
Focus AI


AI for ERP System


AI for ERP System

Low Cost

AI for ERP System

Uniform Access across Devices

AI for ERP System

Standard Processes

AI for ERP System

Faster Deployment

AI for ERP System

Multilingual AI

AI for ERP System AI for ERP System

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