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AI and automation to add +US$ 3,776 billion increment in manufacturing by 2025

How manufacturing is growing with Focus AI

Current manufacturing growth trends suggest an increase of 8397 billion US Dollars by 2025. However, with the upsurge of AI would add an additional 3776 billion US Dollars. On the other hand, Intelligent Automation is expected to add 1398 billion US dollars while 2071 billion dollars would be added by AI augmentation. Total factory productivity through AI implementation would raise a further 307 billion US dollars in manufacturing, which means, the industry would witness a mammoth 45% increase.

AI in Manufacturing

How AI will impact Manufacturing by 2025


increase in production value by 2025


increase in industry profitability


increase in GVA (Gross Value Added) by 2025


increase in brand loyalty/customer engagement

How Focus AI can transform your manufacturing operations

AI in Manufacturing

Directed Automation

Automate recurring activities, eliminate human errors and deliver superior quality levels

AI in Manufacturing

Maximize operations on shop floor

Expand Capabilities and Meet Demand Levels

AI in Manufacturing

Safer operational environment

Decrease number of incidents in the workplace with fewer human resources to carry out dangerous tasks

AI in Manufacturing

Augment Human Talent

While AI takes care of unskilled activities, humans can focus on driving innovation and taking their business to advanced levels

AI in Manufacturing

Reduce Operational Costs

As intelligent machines start taking care of day-to-day activities, businesses can enjoy considerably lower operating costs

AI in Manufacturing

Create Data-based Decision Making

Take the guess work out of the business and make informed decisions. Facilitate superior scalability.

AI in Manufacturing

Preventive Maintainence

Track machine health through output information integration from machines

AI in Manufacturing

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

You can pre-determine when the preventive maintenance should occur, based on specific machines

AI in Manufacturing

Effectively Track Job Completion

You can track the job completion rates and build more efficiencies in the process by tracking job start/end times

Focus AI Process Flow

AI in Manufacturing


AI in Manufacturing

Complex Production Process

AI in Manufacturing

Many Product Variations

AI in Manufacturing

Different Vendors

AI in Manufacturing

Complex Sales Process

AI in Manufacturing


KPIs that you can monitor
with Focus AI

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Automation of order processing & tracking; elimination of overstock and OOS
  • Designing automated solutions
  • Elimination of production errors
  • Tracking customer satisfaction
  • Maximizing operations at shop floor


AI in Manufacturing


  • Saves time & costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Takes over the mundane, redundant tasks
  • Can be mobile enabled
  • Scalable in terms of machines, systems and companies
AI in Manufacturing
AI in Manufacturing


  • Amplifies the growth of core business
  • Augments human talent
  • Ability to restructure organization
  • No bias when sifting through data (specially SM data)
  • Hiring/initial screening in recruitments can be done through AI
  • Initial marketing steps of new product launches can be automated

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