Automated Face Recognition attendance for logins

Focus AI Features

Introduce automated logins and eliminate manual processes with an integrated face recognition AI system

AI Face Recognition

How it Works

Focus AI's face recognition system captures 128 attributes of every face and matches it with its database, providing login access while capturing the exact me.

AI Face Recognition

Group Logins

During rush hours, employees need not wait in long queues to log in. Focus AI would capture all faces instantly and mark their attendance.

AI Face Recognition

Time Sheets

The AI powered attendance system would track each login and logout accurately, maintaining all records in easily accessible time sheets.

What Focus AI's face recognition can do for you

AI Face Recognition

Goodbye to Manual Logins

Focus AI eliminates cumbersome manual login processes

AI Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Captures 128 facial attributes for accuracy

AI Face Recognition

Real Time Updates

Maintains login and logout records in real time

AI Face Recognition

HCM Integration

Integrates with HCM for easy payroll computation

AI Face Recognition

Automation All the Way

Reduces human dependencies in payroll

AI Face Recognition

Unified Login Data

Automates data consolidation in real time

KPIs you can monitor with Focus AI

AI Face Recognition
AI Face Recognition
AI Face Recognition

Watch Focus AI in action!

Witness the face recognition capabilities of Focus AI - Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications in this video. Focus AI's face recognition can be deployed for HCM (office logins/logouts), retail and school and college attendance systems.

  • Focus AI would ensure that data is not lost through its online and offline sync
  • Real time data sync of login records
  • In case of internet connectivity issues, Focus AI would sync the data later
  • Reduced manual dependence
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Reduction in login record errors
  • Unify records on a single platform
  • Integrate with the finance department for payroll generation
  • Reduce chances of manual tampering of records
  • Integrates smoothly with all HCM systems
  • Scale up for multi-location login/entry points
  • Define approvals and configure as required

Focus AI for Retail

Focus AI for Schools and Colleges

AI Face Recognition

Focus AI for retail

Focus AI can be deployed for retail stores where its face recognition system can identify loyal customers and issue alerts to salesmen and managers when they enter the store. Focus AI would also facilitate the managers by providing complete overview of the customer so that relevant discounts can be allocated, and the right products suggested.

AI Face Recognition

Focus AI for Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges can deploy Focus AI's face recognition system for quick and easy attendance. Teachers would no longer have to waste time doing roll calls as Focus AI would mark the attendance of students with a single glance of the camera. This would help teachers increase their productivity and shift the whole attendance system from manual to automated processes.


AI Face Recognition


  • Saves time & costs
  • Can be mobile enabled
  • Increases productivity
  • Takes over mundane, redundant tasks
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Scalable in terms of machines, systems and companies
AI Face Recognition
AI Face Recognition

Long Term

  • Augments human talent
  • Ability to restructure organization
  • Hiring/initial screening in recruitments can be done through AI
  • No bias when sifting through data
  • Integrates with payroll and HCM

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