Deploy Focus AI's Predictive Analytics to plan your inventory, services and marketing campaigns

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Identify Trends

Identify the ongoing trends in the market such as fall and surge in demand to plan and prepare your business operations accordingly

Predictive Analytics

Sales Forecasting

Generate sales forecast reports through market estimates to pin-point regions, products and services to focus upon in sales targets

Predictive Analytics

What-if Analytics

Run simulations through Focus AI's 'What-if' analytics to gain insights into the upcoming market changes and plan for every possible outcome

Powerful Predictive Analytics for your Business

Does you business have processes in place to measure losses due to product expiry? Are you able to prevent or minimize inventory overstocking without running the risk of understocking? Are you able to gauge the current and upcoming trends through reliable data?

Focus AI's Predictive Analytics empowers you to do all of the above with simple, clear and reliable tools.

Predictive Analytics

Impact of Predictive Analytics on Business


cost reductions


better strategic decisions


improved operational control


better understanding of customers

KPIs to monitor Predictive Analytics

  • Assistance in decision making
  • Automation of repetitive decision-making processes
  • Risk reduction and fraud detection
  • Assess competition and gain competitive advantage
  • Predict customer value and behaviour
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Run customized algorithms for specific scenarios

How Predictive Analytics Work

Focus AI's predictive analytics accumulates existing historic data to identify patterns while analysing current data in tandem, to generate predictions and estimates. With the help of Focus AI's predictions and analysis, you would be in a more powerful position to plan business operations, product roll-outs, marketing campaigns with a clearer

  • Determine customer responses or purchases
  • Promote and cross-sell products/services
  • Attract, retain and grow your customer base
  • Inventory forecasting and resource management
  • Gauge the level of customer engagement and be prepared for the same
  • Prime your resources to meet demand surges
  • Assess buyers through their credit scores
  • Predict and prepare for future receivables and payables
  • Assess other risk factors that may affect your business in long or short term
  • Put your business data to usage through predictive analytics
  • Interactive and easy-to-use features to add or remove data for analysis
  • Slice and dice through data to investigate all aspects of analysis and reports


Predictive Analytics


  • Saves time & costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Takes over the mundane, redundant tasks
  • Can be mobile enabled
  • Scalable in terms of machines, systems and companies
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Long Term

  • Amplifies the growth of core business
  • Augments human talent
  • Ability to restructure organization
  • No bias when sifting through data (specially SM data)
  • Hiring/initial screening in recruitments can be done through AI
  • Initial marketing steps of new product launches can be automated

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