Advanced AI tools to complete and automate your dealership management processes

Automotive AI

Automotive AI

Auto Sales Projections

Generate sales projections and plan inventory accordingly to grow your revenue

Automotive AI

Total Customer Overview

Gain deep insights into customer behavior and buying patterns

Automotive AI

Automate Garage Processes

Deploy Focus AI's robotic process automation to eliminate manual processes

What Focus AI does for the Automotive Industry

Automotive AI

AI for Auto Showrooms

  • Track customer visits across multiple showrooms
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Increase purchase intent through regular contact
  • Do precision marketing and SM advertising
  • Improve customer experience in showrooms
  • Optimize inventory levels and vehicle pricing
  • Increase customer acquisition and manage customer lifecycle
Automotive AI
Automotive AI

AI for Service Centers and Garages

  • Book appointments
  • Check service records
  • Send service reminders
  • Intimate service advisors
  • Inform when the service is complete
  • Keep track of and reward loyal customers
  • Strengthen customer lifecycle
Automotive AI

AI for Comprehensive Dealership Management

  • Track supply information
  • Eliminate inventory carrying costs and OOS scenarios
  • Automate sales and service satisfaction surveys
  • Conduct customer profiling surveys
  • Link and integrate multiple outlets
Automotive AI

Focus AI Process Flow

Automotive AI


Automotive AI

Many Products/Models

Automotive AI

Different Vendors

Automotive AI

different Promotions

Automotive AI


The Increasing Prevalence of AI in Automotive Sales


buyers research online


queries can be resolved via chatbots


businesses have adopted AI for supply chain management


businesses have deployed AI for service operations

Key Performance Indicators of Focus AI
in Automotive Sales

  • Advanced customer tracking and profiling
  • Up-to-date records and real time data sync
  • Streamlined customer service and workshop management
  • Comprehensive sales lifecycle reports
  • Automated allocation of service schedules based on calendar
  • Conversational AI with powerful Voice User Interface (VUI) for quick data access
  • Instant access to unstructured data as well as comprehensive reports

How Invaluable is AI in Automotive Sales

Automotive AI

With the level of competition witnessed in automotive sales, businesses are looking towards AI to cut down on costs, increase productivity and streamline operations. Even from the perspective of customer expectations, AI is taking the primary spot. 76% of all consumers expect auto dealers to know something about them before they walk into the showroom. 67% of consumers believe personalization technology will improve their car buying process while 72% of dealers mentioned that AI will help empower employees and improve customer satisfaction without increasing staff.

  • Witness increase in your website conversions
  • Dynamic pricing per customer and per model
  • Create location-based offers
  • Personalized product offers
  • Easy repeat purchases
  • Customer support both instore and out of store
  • Make your different locations one integrated mega store
  • Better manage the product range and integrate with your e-commerce platform
  • Have accurate insights as to what is in stock and out of stock
  • Have a dashboard of past three-month sales at your fingertips
  • Estimate demand for the next three months and generate forecasts
  • Optimize demand by model for festivals and special occasions to avoid overstocking and understocking
  • Optimize pricing to improve your margins
  • Monitor salespersons and direct them to be present at models which are in demand
  • Eliminate car clinics
  • Use historical data and conduct demand estimation before new launches
  • Know the potential beforehand to optimize the launches
  • Conduct simulations for the effects of promotions on retail sales


Automotive AI


  • Saves time & costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Takes over the mundane, redundant tasks
  • Can be mobile enabled
  • Scalable in terms of machines, systems and companies
Automotive AI
Automotive AI


  • Amplifies the growth of core business
  • Augments human talent
  • Ability to restructure organization
  • No bias when sifting through data (specially SM data)
  • Hiring/initial screening in recruitments can be done through AI
  • Initial marketing steps of new product launches can be automated

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